Custom EQ on iPod


Q: I spent about 20 minutes making a custom equalizer setting that fits my taste perfectly for a lot of my music, and can’t wait to try it on my iPod. How do I get this transferred to the device?

– Spencer

A: Unfortunately, custom equalizers cannot be transferred to the iPod – it’s set of equalizers are not editable, either.

However, if you choose to apply a certain built-in equalizer to a specific song in iTunes using its tag controls, this equalizer choice will override whatever default equalizer you’re using on the iPod. For example, if you usually listen using “Bass Booster” on your iPod, but you’ve tagged a song to use “Bass Reducer” in iTunes, then the iPod will also play the song using “Bass Reducer.”

For more information, see our Complete Guide to Equalizers and Advanced Features in iTunes.

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