De-rating songs en masse


Q: I’ve been using my current iTunes library for over two years and I like rating my songs. Recently I’ve started to dislike the way I have been rating songs until now. My ratings are relatively too high, and there’s not enough differentiation at the top end of my scale for my 5-star songs to really mean something special.

De-rating songs en masse

Is it possible to somehow reduce the ratings of all the songs in my library by 1 star? This way, all my current 4-star songs will be 3-star, 5-star songs will be 4-star and I’d have to reselect the 5-star songs, creating a new “top level”. Is there any AppleScript or similar out there that can help me do this?

– Eskil

A: We couldn’t find any script like this on Doug’s AppleScripts for iTunes, but here’s a quick and easy solution, that, although manual in nature, should work painlessly. This is likely better for most readers, anyway, since Windows users can’t use AppleScripts.

Create the following smart playlist:


Now, open this playlist, and choose “Select All” from iTunes’ edit menu. Then, choose “Get Info” from the “File” menu. Change the rating to be 0 stars, effectively reducing all of your 1-star songs to 0 stars.

Next, change the smart playlist to select all of your 2-star music, and again edit all of its songs to have 1 star. Edit the playlist to select 3-star music, and change these files to be 2 stars… Continue upward in rating until you’ve decremented all 5 rating levels.

Do not start with 5 stars and work down, or you’ll end up with a library full of unrated music!

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