Dealing with a scratched iPod backing


Q: I have the 5th generation 60GB iPod video. I was wondering if Apple can change the chrome back case of the iPod since it has dents and scratches?

Dealing with a scratched iPod backing

– Chris

A: You can get your iPod’s back case replaced, but you won’t want to do it through Apple – the cost would be much higher than is necessary. Third-party repair sites like iPodMods stock these parts for purchase. This site, in particular, sells the chrome backings for iPod video units at only $29, regardless of whether you do the installation or have them do it for you.

For less severe damage, you can use polish kits such as these ones reviewed on iLounge.

Finally, and in a completely alternative spirit, several members of our iLounge forums have managed to ‘brush’ their chrome-finish iPod encasings to cover up existing scratches in lieu of replacing any parts. The result is similar to the metal enclosure of an iPod mini or 2nd generation nano, and the process is safe and easy to do, as long as you’re careful not to affect the iPod’s front face.

Below is an example result from iLounge member “Adam,” who first initiated the popular thread in the Hacks & Mods section of our forums with his tutorial on the process.

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