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Q: I have a video iPod, and some of my artists have double albums, such as the White Album and Use Your Illusion. Would it be possible to have iPod menu set up like this?:

Music > Artists > The Beatles > White Album > Disc One > Back in the USSR
Music > Artists > The Beatles > White Album > Disc Two > Yer Blues

I have tried playing around with the “Disc Number” settings in the track info in iTunes, but it doesnt work like I’ve described. Any suggestions?

– Ahmed

A: You’re right – the disc number tag unfortunately doesn’t work this way. Instead, when the disc number has been properly tagged, you’ll still see a list of tracks underneath “White Album”, except the tracks will be in the proper order, with Disc One tracks preceding the Disc Two tracks.

If you’d really like the two discs to be in separate levels of the hierarchy, you’ll need to tag them with entirely different Album tags; for example, “White Album – D1” and “White Album – D2.” Even this second method isn’t what you asked for, but you’ll have to take your pick between these two methods.

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