Delete iTunes and iPod libraries

Q: How do I delete an entire library in iTunes?  All my songs have skips in them. 
How do I delete all of the songs from my iPod?


A: To delete your entire library, first make sure you have backups of your songs – just in case you decide later that you need some of them. Then, in iTunes, click the Library icon in the source list. If you are in browse mode (with two or three columns at the top of the window) click the Browse button to go into list mode.

Select Edit > Select All to select all your songs. Press the Delete key, and confirm your deletion.

Delete the songs on your iPod will depend on whether you sync it manually or automatically.

If you sync it automatically and delete your songs from the iTunes library, the next time you connect the iPod, iTunes will remove all its songs; since the iTunes library is empty, syncing simply mirrors this empty library on the iPod. If you sync manually, just do the same thing as you did for the iTunes library: connect the iPod, select all the songs on the iPod, then press Delete.

Kirk McElhearn is the author of several books including iPod & iTunes Garage.