Deleting Album Artwork en masse


Q: A bunch of songs from multiple albums somehow got the wrong artwork and I need to get rid of them. It’s way too much of a hassle to go through song by song, so is there a way to delete all artwork from a whole bunch of songs in one go?

– Anonymous

A: Absolutely. First select all of the files you want to change, using one of the two methods below:

To select a continuous stream of files, click the first, hold down the Shift key, and click the last. All songs between will be selected.

To select files which aren’t listed continuously, you can click each file individually while holding Control (PC) or Command (the “Apple” key on a Mac) to add them to your selection.

Then, simply select “Get Info” from iTunes’ “File” menu. Here, you can change multiple properties and tags en masse very easily. Changes will be applied to any field with the checkbox checked. To erase album art across your selection, for example, select the checkbox next to the Artwork field, but don’t do anything to the field itself – leave it empty, and click “OK.” iTunes will delete the artwork of all songs in your selection.

Be careful in this multiple-song Info window, however—it also makes proper tags easy to overwrite!

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