Deleting Apps from iTunes

Q: I’ve loaded up my new iPhone 4 with apps, and now want to delete a few of them. I deleted them from the iPhone and deselected them in iTunes so they won’t reinstall during later syncs, but I’d like them gone altogether. How do you delete an app from iTunes once and for all? I found some references to earlier versions, but none of the “how tos” I saw seem to work with the current software/hardware. Help a girl out?

– Anna

A: You can delete applications from your iTunes library in much the same way as any other type of content. Choose the “Apps” section in the iTunes Library listing on the left-hand side of your iTunes window, locate the app you would like to remove and press the DELETE key on your keyboard. As with other listings in iTunes, you can choose to view your apps in either list view, grid view, or Cover Flow view.

Alternatively, you can also select the Delete option from the Edit menu in iTunes or right-click on the app and choose Delete from the context menu. As with media content, iTunes will ask you whether you want to delete the underlying file or simply remove it from your iTunes library.


Deleting Apps from iTunes

If you’re sure that you want the app gone forever, choose “Move to Trash” to remove the app from the iTunes library listing and delete the underlying application package. Note that apps removed from your iTunes library in this manner will be removed from any iOS device that syncs with that library. Any data stored in those applications will also be lost as part of this process.


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