Deleting duplicate songs in iTunes

Q: I have a bunch of duplicate tracks in my iTunes Music Folder and library.  Is there an easy way to remove these duplicate songs?  I have just used the “Show Duplicate Songs” command and deleted them one by one… But this is tedious!

– Rachel

A: There is no really easy way to delete duplicates, other than what you have done. Prior to the inclusion of iTunes’ Show Duplicate Songs feature, third-party software authors created similar tools to compare and remove tracks, some of which are smarter and/or more aggressive than Apple’s tool, and you can find some of them in the Applescript and application downloads on iLounge.

Apple’s feature was designed more to prevent mistakes than to annoy you. It’s much safer to delete songs one by one, and really be sure you want to delete them, rather than delete a whole bunch of songs and regret it later. Other programs may work better or worse, depending on your needs.

Kirk McElhearn is the author of several books including iPod & iTunes Garage. His blog, Kirkville features articles about the iPod, iTunes, Mac OS X and much more.

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