Deleting On-the-Go Playlists

Q: How do I delete “On-the-Go” playlists from my iPod?  I have a 60gb iPod and can’t find anything that points me in the right direction.

– Bill

A: Only the active On-the-Go playlist (i.e.

the one since your last sync with iTunes, if you haven’t saved it) can be deleted by navigating to the “On-The-Go” playlists in the “Playlists” menu, scrolling to the bottom, and choosing “Clear Playlist.”

If you’ve already synchronized with iTunes, or chosen the “Save Playlist” option in the iPod’s “On-the-Go” playlist menu, the “Clear Playlist” option is no longer available. To delete On-the-Go playlists in this case, you’ll need to synchronize with iTunes, manually delete them from the “Source” column, and re-synchronize.

Note: The “Clear Playlist” and “Save Playlist” options are only available if you (1) have a 4G iPod or newer, or (2) have updated your 3G or mini iPod to using the iPod Software Updater 2004-11-14 or later.

Jerrod H.