Deleting songs from within a playlist


Q: Unsurprisingly, I often find myself navigating songs from within the playlists I’ve created. The problem is that when I come across a song I’d like to remove from my library, I find it cumbersome to have to navigate back to my main Music Library before I can easily do so. That is, selecting a song and hitting the delete key while in a playlist only removes the song from the playlist, not the library. Is there a better way?

– Will

A: Absolutely, and it’s simple:

On a PC, use the “Shift-Delete” key combination instead of simply “Delete.” On a Mac, use “Option-Delete.” We should note that the same special key combinations apply if you’d like to delete an entire playlist and all of the songs it contains, as well – just start by instead selecting the playlist from iTunes’ “Source” column. In either case, a warning message will be shown before the songs are permanently deleted, but still – be careful!

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