Differences between iPod models


Q: My iPod accessory doesn’t work with my new iPod.

A: The 2007 series of iPods have brought with them some changes in regards to accessory compatibility, and as a result, some older accessories may not work with these newer model iPods.

The biggest issue by far this season has been video accessories. Video was introduced with the fifth-generation iPod released in 2005, and there have now been almost two years worth of accessories produced to output video from the fifth-generation iPod to your TV or other video output device. The bad news is that virtually none of these are compatible with the 2007 iPod models. .

This issue is discussed in much greater detail in our article, Apple locks TV Out in new iPods, breaks video add-ons and has also been covered in previous Ask iLounge columns.

If you have received a new iPod video accessory for Christmas and it doesn’t work with your 2007 iPod model, your best option is to return it for a refund, or exchange it for a compatible iPod video cable. At this point, your only viable options are the expensive Apple AV Cables, although we expect to see additional compatible video output accessories released in the new year.

The good news is that most other accessories should work just fine with the current model iPod classic and iPod nano, with the following notable exceptions:

  • The Apple iPod Camera Connector is no longer compatible with any current-generation iPod model. Although it was previously compatible with the fourth-generation iPod with color screen and the fifth-generation iPod, this compatibility has not been extended to the iPod classic.
  • The Apple FM Radio Remote is not compatible with the iPod touch. The iPod touch simply does not contain the necessary software to support this device.
  • The Nike+ Sport Kit remains compatible only with the iPod nano. This is not a dramatic change from previous years, but remains a point of confusion for some of our readers, particularly now that the iPod touch provides solid-state memory).



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