Q: How do you turn off the voice part of the auto-correction feature? Every time I type in anything on my iPhone such as texts and appointments in my calendar the stupid voice starts trying to tell me what it thinks I am trying to say! This is irritating enough when I am by myself, but when I am in a meeting or around other people, it is just ridiculous. I have checked every setting I can find, trying to turn this off and nothing affects it. Please help, this is driving me crazy!

Disabling the auto-correction voice feature

– Debbie

A: The setting you’re looking for is called Speak Auto-text and can be found in the “Vision” section under General, Accessibility in the iPhone Settings app.

As with the other settings found here, this feature is designed to assist visually impaired users and should actually be disabled by default. It seems likely that it has either been enabled inadvertently or somebody is playing a prank on you.



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