Disabling the iTunes MiniStore

Q: In iTunes 6.0.2, there’s a MiniStore displayed when I’m viewing my local Library and Playlists. I not only find this annoying, but I consider it a potential invasion of my privacy.

Is there any way to get rid of it?

– Bill

A: We’re not terribly happy about the MiniStore either, but it’s easy enough to get rid of:

In the bottom right-hand corner of iTunes’ main window, there’s a new “collapse this” button, just like the one displayed in the bottom-left corner for the Album Art box. Press this, and the MiniStore will disappear and stay gone until you manually bring it up again.

If you prefer menu items, “Hide MiniStore” is available in iTunes’ “Edit” menu.

If its any consolation, Rob Griffiths has learned from an Apple representative that absolutely no data is being collected from the MiniStore, and Kirk McElhearn has confirmed that it supplies no data to Apple’s website when minimized.