Disk Use on iPod nano 6G

Q: I was wondering if the new iPod nano can be used like a USB memory key to transfer files around? I’m a student and like to move my notes and assignments between computers and I’ve heard the iPhone and iPod touch don’t let you do this anymore. My old 3G iPod nano does, though, and I’m thinking of upgrading it to the new nano, but since it looks like it’s works more like the iPod touch I’m afraid I won’t be able to store my files on it. I haven’t been able to find an answer to this question in any of the reviews I’ve read.

Any ideas?

– Sam

A: The good news is that even with the new iOS style touchscreen, the new sixth-generation iPod nano hasn’t actually changed in the way it interfaces with iTunes. As far as your computer is concerned, the iPod nano will still show up as a removable disk and you can continue using it to store other files in the same way as any of the previous iPod nano models.

As with other traditional iPod models you will need to ensure that the “Enable Disk Use” option is selected on the Summary screen for your iPod nano within iTunes, and of course be sure to eject it properly before unplugging it.

The 6G iPod nano will also appear as a removable storage device on any computer you connect it to, even without iTunes installed or running.

Also like older models the iPod nano must still be formatted for either Mac OS X or Windows depending on what type of computer you’re using it on and you will not be able to read a Mac-formatted iPod nano from Windows without additional software installed on the Windows PC.

In summary, despite the fancy new user interface, the sixth-generation iPod nano works with iTunes in the exact same manner as previous iPod nano generations.