Display totals at the bottom of the screen in iTunes 11


Q: I manually manage all of my music, especially as it goes to my iPhone. It used to be that when looking at “Music”—either for stuff in my library on my computer, or the “Music” section of my iPhone—iTunes would tell me the total number of files, total play time, and total size. iTunes 11 doesn’t seem to do this, at least not in the “Songs” view. I noticed that the Playlists, when viewed on my iPhone, also don’t show me the total number of tracks and size or duration. Is there any way to get this functionality back? I like it, in particular for my iPhone.

Display totals at the bottom of the screen in iTunes 11

– Kristin

A: This information is actually still available in iTunes 11, but for whatever reason Apple has decided to hide the status bar by default, even for users upgrading from a previous version.

The good news is that it’s almost trivial to turn back on: Simply go to the View menu and choose Show Status Bar and not only will it return at the bottom of all list views—both on your device and in your library—but will also appear with the same information in most other views as well, updated appropriately for whatever content is currently selected.

If you don’t want the status bar enabled all the time, it can also quickly be toggled on and off using the CMD+/ (Mac) or CTRL+/ (Windows) keyboard shortcuts.


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