Displaying photos via TV out

Q: I have the Apple composite video cable for my iPod touch and iPhone. It shows video on my TV just fine, but won’t show photos. Is this normal or an I doing something wrong?

– Al

Displaying photos via TV out

A: When using the Apple AV cables, the iPhone and iPod touch should display photo slideshows on your TV automatically in much the same way they do for video.

Note, however, that the device will only output your photos to the TV when viewing a slideshow, not when merely browsing through your photos. To start a slideshow, you must tap on the playback button that appears at the bottom of the photo browser view.


This will begin a slideshow which will simultaneously appear on your device’s screen and your TV through the Apple AV cable.

Although the pictures will advance automatically, you can still swipe to navigate through them manually. Zooming and panning are also supported, but will only be displayed on the device’s screen and not on the TV. You can adjust your slideshow settings including timing and transitions by going to the Photos section in the Settings app.