Displaying the iPod’s interface using TV-Out


Q: I know the 5G iPod can display movies and slideshows on a television, but can it also display the “Now Playing” screen and the menu system? I saw that the Apple Remote for use with the Universal Dock had a ‘Menu’ button on it and wondered if this is what it’s for. If not, what does it do?

– Jeremy

A: The 5th Generation iPod still cannot display the menu system or ‘Now Playing’ screens on a television, though we really wish Apple would allow us to, as it would really make for a neat plug-and-play media center, and greatly increase the value of the Universal Dock / Apple Remote solution. Technically, it’s certainly feasible, as Steve Jobs did it with a specially-rigged iPod in his latest keynote address.

The ‘Menu’ button on the Apple Remote is intended for use with Apple’s new “Front Row” feature available exclusively on the latest edition of the iMac G5. When used with an iPod, the ‘Menu’ button serves no purpose other than to lock the Remote’s IR transmitter to the Dock.

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