Displaying TV Show seasons separately in iTunes

Q: I recently purchased Sex and the City Season 6, but they released it in two parts: Sex and the City Season 6 (Part One) and Season 6 (Part Two). These two parts each have different cover art, which I have, but when I imported them into iTunes, they are all mashed together in one Season 6 grouping. Is there a way to separate these so that when I have the icon view on it will show Sex and the City Season 6 with the first cover art and the part one episodes and then SEPARATELY show Season
6 with the second cover art and the part two episodes?

– David

A: Unfortunately, while you could basically fake this out in previous versions of iTunes by changing the “Album” field, in iTunes 8 this is no longer possible as TV shows are grouped exclusively by the show name and season information, regardless of the sort order.

Although you can sort group your TV Shows at a higher level by information such as name, year or artist, the individual episodes themselves are always grouped by the show title and season.

Further, since the “Season Number” field only takes a numeric value, it is not possible to add any extra information such as a “6a” or “6-1” to this field. You could of course simply change the second part to something like “Season 7” but this would create problems if they ever decided to produce a seventh season.

About the only other workaround for this right now would be to change the show name entirely for the affected seasons. In other words list the actual show name field as “Sex and the City, Season 6, Part 1” and “Sex and the City, Season 6, Part 2” or similar. This would result in your season 6 episodes being grouped under entirely different titles, but would work to separate out the two parts.