DJ-AM and Sean Avery on iPods & Accessories

This week in iPod Stars: Whether you follow music, sports, or just the celebrity gossip pages, you’re sure to know one or both of this week’s iPod Stars.

DJ-AM and Sean Avery on iPods & Accessories

DJ-AM and Sean Avery on iPods & Accessories DJ-AM (real name: Adam Goldstein) is one of Hollywood’s biggest celebrity DJs, known as much for spinning records at clubs and huge (Spiderman 2, War of the Worlds, PlayStation 2) premiere parties as for his high-profile relationship with Simple Life star Nicole Richie. Still actively DJing in Las Vegas and Hollywood hot spots, it’s no surprise to hear that he’s a huge iPod fan with a customized model. Here’s what he told us about his favorite toys; you can check out one of his tracks (Born Blind) on the iTunes Store right now.

iLounge: Which iPod’s your favorite, and why?

DJ-AM: I love the 80 gig video iPod. I have one, and I customized the colors to look like a Nike Air Max 95.

I have almost 10,000 songs in my iTunes, so I need that kinda capacity to hold ‘em all.

iLounge: How do you feel about digital music?

DJ-AM: I LOVE it, and it is not going anywhere. I have digitized a LOT of my vinyl records, and they sound just fine in digital format. It really depends on which encoder you choose.

iLounge: What are some must-carry portable listening accessories you use while traveling?

DJ-AM: Number 1’s my iPod, 2’s the right headphones! It never hurts to have your laptop so you can really make proper playlists too. If its rainy, you need a good Radiohead/Tom Petty playlist.

iLounge: What are some of your favorite tracks on your iPod?

DJ-AM: That’s a tough one cause there is so much in it that I like. Right now its the Justice Remix of Simian’s – Never Alone Again and a group called “Does it Offend You, Yeah?” and the song is called We Are Rockstars. I just love that I have everything from Neil Young to N.O.R.E.

DJ-AM and Sean Avery on iPods & Accessories If you’ve been watching the Los Angeles Kings, Detroit Red Wings, or MTV Cribs, you know all about Sean Avery, a current King who played with the Wings in their championship 2001-2002 season. As one of the National Hockey League’s most outspoken – and penalized – players, Avery has courted controversy on and off the ice, but has remained in the spotlight with his girlfriend, actress Elisha Cuthbert, and frequent appearances on Los Angeles and Orange County’s Indie 103.1 radio station, where he shows up to talk music, not sports. Having just finished assembling a celebrity playlist for the iTunes Store, Sean told us a bit about his love for the iPod.

iLounge: How do you use your iPod, both on and off the ice?

Sean: I’m in charge of music in the dressing room before games, so my iPod gets all the boys pumped up before a game.