Dock Compatible iPod cases

Q: I have recently purchased an 80GB iPod classic, and I also have a docking/speaker unit. I need a case that I can leave on and still use my docking/speaker unit.

Any suggestions?

– Tracy

A: There are several options available now in this regard, although most require that the speakers or other Dock Connector accessory use the new Universal Dock standard, since many of these cases simply come with case-specific Universal Dock inserts which accommodate the additional width added by the case itself.

Agent 18 started the Dock compatible concept with cases such as the Agent 18 Classic Shield (iLounge rating: B) and Agent 18 NanoShield Kit (iLounge rating: B-).

Most of Griffin’s hard cases, including iClear (iLounge rating: B+) and Reflect (iLounge rating: B+), are also now Universal Dock compatible.

Our iPod classic Case Reviews indicate in each review whether or not a given case is compatible with the Universal Dock or not.