Docks with On-Screen Navigation?

Q: I have a good hi-fi system, and I’d like to play my iPod through it. The trouble is that I sit on one side of the room and my hi-fi is on the other, so I need a remote control option. However, the iPod will be too far away for me to see the display to know which songs I am choosing.

What I need is a cunning solution! Are there products that will give me a display on a handheld remote so I can see what I’m doing? Or has someone addressed this in a different way?

– David

A: These products are indeed on the way. We’ve seen working models from two different companies on the show floor at Macworld this week, and – said without full reviews or seeing final models – appear to be promising products.

Keep an eye out for DLO’s HomeDock Deluxe and Griffin Technology’s TuneCenter.

The former is a $149 device offering on-screen navigation of the iPod’s music and videos, and the latter, expected to debut at $99, offers the same functionality in addition to streaming internet radio through a Wi-Fi or wired ethernet connection. Less expensive and better featured, the TuneCenter is something to get excited about: we’ve awarded it “Best of Show” at Macworld this year.