Downloading third-party music

Q: If you download music from, say Amazon, with the iPad, will it sync automatically with the iPad iPod software. Will you be able to copy it from the iPad to a Mac when you sync it? Will the iPad sync wirelessly?

– Stephen

A: There has been no indication as of yet that the iPad will support importing media from third-party applications on the iPad itself.

Although the media player application on the iPad appears to be more sophisticated than the one on the iPhone and iPod touch, it still seems to be designed to sync primarily with iTunes on your Mac or PC in much the same way that the iPhone does. It is possible that it could support importing files from the shared file area, but there has been no evidence of this as of yet.

However, based on Apple’s usual media strategy this seems very unlikely. Apple has always taken the approach that iTunes on your computer is the central database of your media, and other devices such as the iPhone, iPod and iPad are merely playback devices for your iTunes media.