Editing calendar on iPod touch

Q: How can I add diary entries into my iPod Touch?  I don’t believe the only way is to go to our studio, update my calender there, update the uneditable calender on my MBP, then sync with iPod.  Surely it’s not so…

– Neil

A: Actually, the iPod touch v1.1.2 firmware being released today adds editable calendar capabilities to the iPod touch with bidirectional synchronization of calendar information via iTunes. This basically makes the calendar application on the iPod touch work in much the same way as it does on the iPhone—a distinction that, in our opinion, should never have been an issue in the first place.

Unfortunately, the iPod touch still does not include a notes application as part of its standard firmware, so editing a calendar or contacts, or using an editable web page application (when in range of a WiFi access point) remain the only way to jot down information on the iPod touch.

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