Enhanced podcasts menu

Q: On enhanced podcasts with chapter markers, such as the ‘iTunes New Music Tuesdays’ podcast, how can you browse the chapters in iTunes 7… the buttons from previous versions of iTunes have disappeared!

– Anonymous

Enhanced podcasts menu

A: In iTunes 7, the chapter browsing functionality has been relocated to a text menu in iTunes’ menubar, which (like the previous icon) becomes viewable only when the currently playing item is equipped with chapter markers.

This menu item, shown below, appears directly to the left of the “Help” menu.

Other than being relocated, the new menu behaves the same way as the old one, with thumbnail artwork previews, chapter titles, and time stamps linking to the appropriate position in the file.

Note also that iTunes’ new downloadable full-length movies are also equipped with chapter markers similar in concept to regular DVD chapters, and nearly identical in function to enhanced podcasts.