Enlarging text on iPhone 3GS


Q: Hi, I have an iPhone 3G and my friend has the iPhone 3GS. Is there any way to increase the text size on your SMS emssages with either an app or setting in iTunes or the iPhone? My friend loves his iPhone, but has difficulty reading his SMS messages without getting his glasses out (which he normally doesn’t and just ends up deleting them). I have submitted a form suggesting this feature, I have Googled this and it seems to be a fairly common problem.

Enlarging text on iPhone 3GS

– Adrian

A: The iPhone 3GS has a new “Accessibility” feature that might help in your friend’s case, as it is specifically designed to enlarge any part of the iPhone screen by effectively “zooming in” while viewing the screen. The Accessibility options are accessed under the iPhone Settings app, from the General, Accessibility section.

From here, simply tap on the “Zoom” option and enable it from the next setting screen. Instructions on how to use the zoom feature are explained on the same screen.


Once enabled, this feature can be used anywhere on the iPhone to zoom in on any part of the screen for easier viewing, including of course within the SMS app. Simply double-tap with three fingers on the part of the screen that you want to zoom into, then use all three fingers to pan around the screen as required.

Note that the accessibility feature is only available on the iPhone 3GS and third-generation iPod touch. Older iPhone and iPod models do not include this feature even with the latest iPhone OS updates.

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