Entering accented characters in iTunes tags

Q: I’ve ripped a lot of Spanish music in iTunes, but am unable to figure out how to put diacritics (letters with accent marks, tildes, etc.) in the words.  Can you help with this so that my album and song titles read correctly?

– Anonymous

A: iTunes and the iPod both fully support Unicode characters, so what you ask is certainly possible. Entering these diacritics is simple on either the Mac or PC – here’s how:

In each case, hold the keys where you see a “+” sign. Commas mean “let go, and enter the next letter.”

MacOS Windows
á Opt. + e, a Alt + 0225
é Opt. + e, e Alt + 0233
í Opt. + e, i Alt + 0237
ó Opt. + e, o Alt + 0243
ú Opt. + e, u Alt + 0250
ü Opt. + u, u Alt + 0252
ñ Opt. + n, n Alt + 0241
¿ Opt. + Shift + ? Alt + 0191
¡ Opt. + 1 Alt + 0161

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