Excluding podcasts from Smart Playlists

Q: I have been using an “Unrated Songs” playlist on my iPod classic to rate the many tracks which I have not yet rated. However, my playlist also includes episodes of Podcasts which I subscribe to and have not yet listened to. Is there a way to have this playlist only include music tracks and exclude podcasts?

– Jeff

A: This should certainly be possible as long as your podcasts have been downloaded through iTunes and are appearing in your “Podcasts” section in iTunes itself.

To exclude podcasts from a Smart Playlist, simply select the Smart Playlist and choose File, Get Info to edit its properties. Add a new criteria line, and enter “Podcast is false” to include only those tracks which are not podcasts. An Unrated Tracks Smart Playlist which excludes podcasts might look something like the following:

Excluding podcasts from Smart Playlists

You can also of course add any additional criteria you like to further refine this Smart Playlist.


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