Export from iTunes to CompactFlash Card

Q: Is it possible to use iTunes to export songs from a playlist to external media. I like to carry some selected playlists on the CF card on my PDA and don’t know how to transfer the songs.


– Sonal

A: In typical Apple fashion, this is easier than you might think. To easily “export” the songs from a playlist, simply do the following:

  1. Open the playlist in iTunes;
  2. Select all the songs in the playlist with “Edit—> Select All”;
  3. Drag the songs out of iTunes onto the desktop (or directly to your CF Card in Windows Explorer);

That’s it!  A copy of your files is made where you drop them.  Do be careful that the songs you’re exporting are playable by your PDA’s software.  For example, your software may not play AAC files, and certainly won’t play songs purchased from the iTunes Music Store.

Jerrod H. is an iLounge Contributing Editor, with frequent contributions to our iPod 101 and 201 tutorials, plus occasional hardware and software product reviews.