Exporting contacts from PalmOS to iPod

Q: How can I export contacts from my PalmOS PDA to my new iPod’s “Contacts” feature?

– Anonymous

A: The easiest way to do this is actually from the desktop software which accompanies your PDA, Palm Desktop, rather than the PDA itself.

Using Palm Desktop for Mac, begin by highlighting the contacts you’d like to transfer to the iPod. Under the “File” menu, choose “Export.” Here, change the export format to “vCard,” and save the file to your computer’s desktop. On the Mac, you can actually just drag the address book entries to the desktop to do the same thing without using the menus (although be aware that this will create a separate vCard for each entry, instead of one combined file).

Then, connect your iPod, and ensure that “Enable Disk Use” is checked in iTunes preferences, so that the iPod is usable as a hard drive. Then, transfer the vCard file to your iPod’s “Contacts” folder using Windows Explorer (PC) or the Finder (Mac).

For Windows users, Palm Desktop can only export one vCard at a time, which is a problem for our purposes. Thankfully, there’s actually an even easier way: Use Sappenin’s PalmPod software to export your Palm Desktop’s calendar, todos, contacts, and memos onto your iPod without any of the manual labor.

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