Exporting XP Contact Info to Pod via PowerBook


Q: I have all my telephone numbers saved in my personal address book under Microsoft Outlook on my office machine running Windows XP. I recently bought a PowerBook. Would it be possible for me to transfer my existing address book from my Windows XP computer to my iPod photo using my PowerBook?

– Sid

A:  If you’re using Outlook, the procedure is a bit long. Click Addresses, then select a contact. Select File > Export > Business Card (vCard), and save the contact as a .vcf file. You’ll need to do this for every one of your contacts. Sigh…

However, there is a program called OutPod that can save all your Outlook contacts in a single vCard file. This is a big time-saver.

Once you have that vCard file, just double-click it on your Mac. Address Book will open and ask if you want to import your contacts. After you have done this, connect your iPod to your Mac and open iSync (this is found in your Applications folder). Check the box to turn on synchronization for your iPod, then check Contacts, and select All Contacts or specific groups, if you have arranged your contacts in groups. Click Sync Now, and your contact info will be copied to the iPod.

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