Q: Hi, I was wondering if they made an external microphone for the current generation of iPod nanos?


A: Since the fifth-generation iPod nano includes a built-in microphone, there has not been much demand for third-party microphone accessories. In our review of the 5G iPod nano, we found that the built-in microphone was surprisingly good and “effectively eliminated the need for any third-party microphone add-ons.”

Realistically, the only reason you might want to consider an external microphone is for stereo recording. In that case, many of the microphone accessories that were made for earlier iPod models will still work fine with the 5G nano as long as they physically fit the device. The main concern here is that some of the older iPod nano microphones used both the Dock Connector and headphone jack, and the new model reverses the position of these two ports, meaning that some accessories such as the XtremeMac MicroMewmo will be incompatible simply because they can’t physically connect to the 5G iPod. Accessories that use the Dock Connector only, such as the Belkin TuneTalk Stereo should work fine, however.


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