FaceTime data usage

Q: When using FaceTime on a fourth-generation iPod touch how much data are we looking at if we have to pay for the Internet usage? For example, how much would 5 minutes or an hour of FaceTime cost in terms of Internet data?

– Molly

A: FaceTime uses approximately 3MB per minute. This means that a 5 minute call would use approximately 15MB of data, and a one hour call would use approximately 180MB of data.

While the amount of data used by FaceTime may be a concern for cellular data packages—a likely reason FaceTime can only be used over Wi-Fi right now—this shouldn’t be an issue for most home or office broadband connections, where data limits are normally measured in gigabytes rather than megabytes. For example, if you had a data cap of 10GB per month, that would equate to over 50 hours of FaceTime calling before you would get anywhere near your monthly data allowance.