FaceTime iPod model compatibility

Q: Can you use an 8GB fourth-generation iPod touch for FaceTime? My friend told me you needed at least the 32GB model to use FaceTime.

– Anonymous

A: FaceTime works on all fourth-generation iPod touch models.

In fact, it has become somewhat common for users to purchase an 8GB iPod touch primarily to use as a FaceTime device, since it is the most inexpensive model and many users will find the 8GB capacity to be too limiting for anything more than a few games and apps and/or a relatively small amount of music content.

It is possible that your friend may have been confused by the fact that the third-generation 8GB iPod touch re-released in 2009 was actually still the prior year’s second-generation model.

However when Apple released the fourth-generation iPod touch, it updated all three models and the only difference between them is the storage capacity. Even HD video recording is available on the 8GB iPod touch, although you will be obviously more limited as to how much HD video you can store.