Finding a simple iPod mount for the car


Q: I recently bought a Pontiac Solstice, which features an auxillary jack for easy connection to an iPod. I am looking for a very simple docking station allows me to simply mount my iPod in a convenient place in the car, and allows me to connect the iPod via line-out. Most of what I’m finding right now is complicated with built-in FM transmitters, charging, and more. Can iLounge help?

– Michelle

A: In the “Car Mounts” section of the “Reviews & Accessories” area of our website, iLounge features several reviews of products that fit this description, and many are highly rated. Most of ProClip’s Products, for example, are well-made, versatile mounting solutions that allow you to use an audio cable & charging solution of your own choice. One of our favorite car solutions, the TEN Technology FlexibleDock, integrates charging electronics and an adjustable gooseneck mount into a nice unit that also provides a Line-Out port that would work fine with your Solstice’s audio port: just add a standard 1/8”-to-1/8” audio cable, and you’re set!

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