Finding accessories for the 5G iPod


Q: I bought my 12-year old son an 80GB iPod. He wants speakers and I don’t have a clue. I am electronically illiterate. He wants something portable and I want something that will survive. I don’t see the movie type in the “select your iPod” within your reviews.

– Sheryl

A: The iPod you’re referring to would be the fifth-generation iPod, or the “iPod with video.”

As explained in the previous answer, the Dock Connector port for the iPod is a standard port. Further, the fifth-generation iPod (or “5G iPod”) is the only full-size iPod currently being produced by Apple, and was originally released in October 2005. Any accessory manufactured for the iPod in the past two years will definitely be compatible with the fifth-generation iPod, with the only consideration being the physical size of the iPod itself. Another important point that is worth noting is that the 60GB and 80GB 5G iPods are identical in physical size and dimensions.

Our Accessory Reviews generally explain which iPod model each accessory is made for. You can also find some good background information on the various iPod models in our Frequently Asked Questions item, What are the differences between all the iPod models?

The Altec iM7 (iLounge rating: A-) is, in our view, a very good choice for the price – assuming you don’t need something that can fit in a briefcase.


Jesse Hollington

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