Finding size and playtime of a group of tracks

Q: I’d like to be able to select a group of tracks in iTunes and find out how their total file size and play time. Is this possible? Now, no matter what I have selected, the total at the bottom is for the entire Library or playlist I’m in.

All I can do now is create a new playlist for this purpose only, but I’d like a better solution, if you’ve got one.

– John

A: You’re right – this is an iTunes behavior that can’t really be changed. In general, to find the playtime or file size total of a group of tracks, you have to create a new playlist.

However, Mac users can take advantage of this simple AppleScript from Doug’s AppleScripts for iTunes. Put this script in your “~/Library/iTunes/Scripts/” folder, launch iTunes, and select a group of tracks. Then, you can select the “time+space” script from iTunes’ Scripts menu.

The script will then allow you to total the file size and play time of either the tracks you’ve selected, or of all checked tracks.

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