Firewire support on modern iPods

Q: Is there a method for the iPod touch to recognize a Firewire sync cable? The new iPod touch does not seem to work with an older Firewire sync cable, thus inhibiting syncing on older iMacs.

– Gary

A: Unfortunately, no. Firewire synchronization was discontinued with the fifth-generation iPod models in 2005, and it does not appear to be coming back. Most iPod models will still charge over Firewire, but syncing is definitely not an option.

For most users, the recommended solution is to simply purchase a USB 2.0 card, which operates for all intents and purposes at more or less the same speed as Firewire. Of course, this is not always an option for systems like the iMac. Unfortunately, the significant differences between the Firewire and USB standards coupled with the plethora of very inexpensive USB 2.0 adapter cards available means that there are no cost-effective USB-to-Firewire adapters available either.

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