Some of the newest accessory arrivals at iLounge include:

iPod shuffle

Speck Products Connect & ProtectClick Here for Details

Speck’s Connect & Protect kit includes a SkinTight shuffle case (iLounge rating: B+) and four different USB cap attachments to “connect” to your bag or clothes.


Full-Sized iPods

Graphic Collective Graphic ClingClick Here for Details

A non-adhesive sticker? Yeah – this attractive vinyl design (and others) is designed to cling to the surface of a fourth-generation iPod, but we weren’t super impressed by its ability to stay on the iPod.



H2O Audio SV-iP4GClick Here for Details

This full-sized iPod follow-up to H2O Audio’s SV-iMini underwater housing (iLounge rating: B+) preserves its predecessor’s premium price, includes underwater earphones, and now is compatible with different thicknesses of white and chrome iPods. Two neoprene enclosures are sold separately.



Mindknob Glove Leather CaseClick Here for Details

This inexpensive new sleeve for 20GB iPods uses “premium glove leather” and includes a non-detachable belt clip. Larger iPods won’t fit, though.



Otterbox 4GClick Here for Details

This fourth-generation iPod-fitting version of Otterbox’s top-rated iPod waterproof case is identical in price, performance, and quality – just larger. Two versions are available – one for 20GB iPods, and one for 30-60GB iPods and iPod photos.



All Dock Connecting iPods

Monster iAirPlayClick Here for Details

This power adapter from Monster Cable is designed to let you keep your iPod running while you’re on an airplane – assuming you can find one of the two types of power adapters currently in use. It also doubles as a car charger.



We’ll have plenty more to say on these new iPod accessories in the days to come – and there are some other surprises in store, too. Check out our earlier Biggest Ever First Looks feature at this link for previews of 15 other new iPod accessories. And if you’re looking for more information and pictures for upcoming iPod accessories, be sure to check out our free downloadable 2005 Buyers’ Guide, available now!