Welcome to this week’s edition of First Looks – a collection of previews showing brand new iPod accessories that we’re currently in the process of testing. For additional peeks at new iPod accessories, check out our Holiday Buyers’ Guide and The Free iPod Book, already available online. Here’s what’s new this week:

Aural New York Earbuds for iPodClick Here for Details

These new earbuds for all iPod models duplicate the look and feel of Apple’s iPod pack-ins, but come in the black, pink, and blue colors Apple hasn’t made. Each one comes with two ear foam sets – one black, one white.


Capdase Hip-Hop Style Soft Jacket for iPod nanoClick Here for Details

This silicone rubber case for the iPod nano includes a metal belt clip, lanyard with detachable lanyard holder, screen cover and integrated Click Wheel protector. There’s also a bottom flap for easy iPod synchronization.



Capdase Metal Case for Fifth Generation iPod (30GB/60GB Versions)Click Here for Details

Similar to the company’s prior Luxury Metal Case for iPod mini – not the more recent version for iPod nano – this Metal Case uses a soft rubber protective skin to shield your iPod inside, and a hard (sharp) stainless steel frame for the outside. Two versions are sold for different iPod sizes, and two colors (mirror black and brushed metal white) are available, each with a screen cover, Click Wheel protector, plastic cord manager, wrist strap, and detachable belt clip.



Capdase Necklace Earphone & Splitter Set for iPod SeriesClick Here for Details

This combination of white lanyard earphones and a headphone jack splitter improves modestly on the super-cheap ones we’ve seen recently from China, but one the included white ear foams ripped during initial installation. We continue not to like this design anywhere near as much as Apple’s Lanyard Headphones for iPod nano.



Capdase Professional ScreenGuard for iPod nano/Fifth GenerationClick Here for Details

These separate sets of film protect the screens and Click Wheels of 5G iPods and iPod nanos.



Capdase Two-Tone Soft Jacket for Apple RemoteClick Here for Details

A first? Yes. The new Capdase 2-Tone Soft Jacket is the first we have seen for the Apple Remote – you know, the Infrared optional way to control the company’s Universal Dock and iMac computers. Both versions of the Jacket (sold separately) glow in the dark, and can be optionally worn with their included lanyard necklaces. Silly? You tell us, but our initial thought is, “insane.”



Core Cases Aluminum Case for 5G iPod (30GB/60GB Versions)Click Here for Details

The newest version of Core Cases’ Aluminum Case is made to fit the fifth-generation iPod – different-sized versions are made for 30GB and 60GB models, as are a number of colors. These cases feature detachable plastic belt clips and lanyards, plus integrated clear screen protectors.



DLO nanoShell Crystal Clear Case with Belt Clip for iPod nanoClick Here for Details

The latest company to release a clear case design for the iPod nano is DLO, which improves upon others’ formulas by offering a slide-off clear back piece that is replaced with a slide-on belt clip. Multiple colors are available, but sold separately.



Gear4 PocketParty V2 Micro Speaker System for All iPods with a Dock ConnectorClick Here for Details

This new version of Gear4’s (formerly PodGear) PocketParty connects to the bottoms of iPods rather than their tops, but does not feature a stand like the one used with PocketParty nano, and so cannot stand up while the iPod’s attached. Rather than a volume knob, a new two-position audio switch on each PocketParty V2’s rear lets you toggle betweeen high and low volume levels.



Kiwali Nanoki Cases for iPod nanoClick Here for Details

These new PDA-style leather cases for the iPod nano (sold separately) each feature interesting front embroidered animal artwork (10 different patterns are available), and include one handstrap and one lanyard for your choice of carrying options.



Kiwali NanoDeco Stickers for iPod nanoClick Here for Details

These 10 new stickers for the iPod nano – sold individually – feature stylized, detailed artwork for the nano’s front and rear faces. Side, top, and bottom stickers aren’t included.



Again, for more upcoming accessories, check out our earlier First Looks articles, our Holiday Buyers’ Guide and Free iPod Book, available now!