Fixing disc order in multi-disc collections

Kirk McElhearn

Q: I have imported 3 discs comprising Wagner’s Das Rheingold, but discs 2 and
3 appear in reverse order. Is there a way of putting this right?

– Allan

A: First select all of Das Rheingold in your iTunes library, then select File > Get Info. Click the Info tab, if it’s not visible, and look for the Disc Number section.

Enter 3 in the second field, leaving the first field blank. Click OK.

Next, select all the tracks from disc 2, select Get Info, and, in the Disc Number section on the Info tab, enter 2 in the first field; it should read 2 of 3.

Do the same for the tracks on disc 3, so these tracks show 3 of 3. If disc 1 is now out of order, do the same for that disc, so it shows as 1 of 3.

When you sort by album, the tracks will now be in the correct order.