Fixing “Library Locked” message in Mac iTunes

Q: When I try to open iTunes on my Mac, I get a message that says “iTunes Library Locked” and the program won’t open.

How do I fix this problem?

– David

A: We’ve run into this problem a few times ourselves, and we’ve fixed it a few different ways. Sometimes, simply restarting works. If not, try running the “Repair Permissions” utility found in the “Disc Utility” program in your “/Applications/Utilities/” folder. If that doesn’t work either, you can fix it yourself, for sure:

Navigate to your home directory’s “Music” folder, and under “iTunes,” find the “iTunes Library” file. Highlight it, and select “Get Info” from the Finder’s “File” menu. Then, ensure that your window looks like ours below, in that “Locked” is unchecked and that the pull-down menu at the bottom labeled “You can” is set to “Read & Write.” This should fix the problem.


Fixing “Library Locked” message in Mac iTunes

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