Fixing podcasts that reset iPod


Q: I have an odd question about some podcasts. Recently, episodes from two of my podcasts (“This American Life” and “NOVA ScienceNOW”) have been causing my iPod 5G to reset. As soon as I attempt to play the episodes, the screen goes dark, and the silver Apple logo comes on the screen. Even old episodes that previously played fine on the iPod are causing this to happen, and it’s only happening with those two podcasts (out of the dozen or so that I subscribe to). Is this a problem/bug with my iPod? How can I fix it?

– Jason

A: This is a known bug in the current iPod firmware, and, thankfully, it’s easy to work around.

The bug involves single-channel (mono) encoded podcasts, and the iPod’s equalizer. Quite simply, if the equalizer is activated, attempting to play any mono podcast will reset the iPod. Until the bug is fixed, you can avoid this problem my disabling the iPod’s equalizer before playing these podcasts.

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