Games on iPod classic and 5G

Q: Is it possible to sync the built-in iPod Games such as Klondike and Vortex from an iPod classic to a fifth-generation 30GB iPod?

– Keith

A: Unfortunately, the built-in games on the iPod classic are included as part of the iPod operating system and cannot be easily transferred off. Even if it were possible to copy these off and transfer them onto a fifth-generation iPod, they would simply not play on this model as it uses a completely different chipset and the two devices are not directly compatible.

All of the Click wheel iPod Games that are now available for purchase from the iTunes Store will play on both the fifth-generation iPod and the newer iPod models, however this is due to the fact that Apple has specifically compiled them for both the 5G and iPod classic platforms and bundled them together, so there are actually two different executable programs built-in to the same game bundle, and the appropriate one is selected for the iPod model that you are using. Games that were originally released for the 5G iPod needed to be upgraded by Apple before they could be played on the iPod classic.

Further, Apple required 5G iPod owners to repurchase the same games if they wanted to use them on the iPod classic.

As the games that are pre-installed on the iPod classic were only intended to be played on the iPod classic, these do not include 5G-compatible versions.