Genius Mixes and iPod classic

Q: I just updated to iTunes 9 and it went just fine. However, I can’t get the Genius Mixes to sync with my 120 GB iPod classic. Since the classic has the Genius function on board already, I don’t see why it won’t allow the Genius Mixes to sync. That option is not available on the Music tab within the sync screens. I’m a Vista user, if that matters.

– Anonymous

A: Unfortunately, the iPod classic is not actually compatible with Genius Mixes which are a different feature from the ability to create Genius Playlists which was introduced with iTunes 8 last year.

Genius Mixes require additional specific support in the iPod itself, and at this point the only devices that are compatible with the Genius Mixes feature are the new fifth-generation iPod nano and the iPod touch and iPhone running the OS 3.1 update.


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