Getting Track Names after CD Import

Q: I recently put quite a few CDs on to my iPod. iTunes didn’t have the CDs/track names and so I have a load of track 01, track 02, etc.  I know in the past when I was on my computer I could click Get Track Info to get this information but at the moment I don’t have an Internet connection at my house for the computer, but I am here at my work and connected to Wi-Fi and was wondering if theres a way to get track names now?

– Ashleigh

A: Unfortunately, this can’t be done directly from an iOS device, so unless you have your computer at work, you won’t be able to retrieve track names.

The good news is that iTunes can retrieve your track names even after you have imported a CD—the data required to look up track names is imported along with the original CD, so you won’t need to reimport the tracks later. When you do have an Internet connection available for your computer, simply highlight the tracks that you want to retrieve track names for an choose the Get Track Info option and iTunes will look them up for you at that time.