Q: I have an iPod Photo and an A/V Cable. I’d like to try converting some of my PowerPoint presentations to iPod photo format and display them on a TV / Monitor? How should I do this? I’d rather not use any extra software.

Giving PowerPoint presentations with an iPod

– Walt

A: This is certainly possible, and it’s actually quite straight-forward to do. First, open the PowerPoint presentation you’d like to show using the iPod. In Powerpoint, choose “Save As…” from the “File” menu, and choose “JPEG” from the format selection pulldown menu.

If you’re on a Mac, next click “Options…” to display the following menu (PC’s don’t appear to have this menu, but the default settings work fine):


Here, we’ve chosen to export to images 720 pixels in width, and to compress them in “Best” quality. You may want to experiment with these settings to see what looks best for you.

Then, add the images to iPhoto (Mac) or your Pictures folder or Photoshop Album (PC), and ensure they’re properly ordered.



Then, sync your iPod as normal.

Be aware that the iPod only outputs fairly low resolution images, meaning that even if you’re using a computer-grade projector, you may get fuzzy text. The larger your text, the better it will look.  Experiment with your equipment and fonts to find an acceptable-looking font size.


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