Group compilations on iPhone

Q: My original iPod has a feature to group compilations so that I don’t see all of the artists from compilation albums listed individually. Where is this feature on my iPhone? I can’t find it for the life of me.

– Jared

A: Unfortunately, the iPhone and iPod touch do not have the group compilations feature at this point. This feature remains limited to the traditional click wheel iPod models.

About the only workaround to avoid having a lot of obscure artists listed in this case is to change the “Artist” field within your tracks themselves in iTunes to something like “Various Artists.” Note that you can still list the actual artist somewhere else, such as in the “Comments” field, although you would not be able to access this information on the iPhone itself as the comments field is not available on the device. However, at least you could avoid having the “one-hit wonders” clutter up your artist listing while still allowing you to keep track of the actual artists within iTunes itself.

If you would like to see a proper compilations feature come to the iPhone in a future firmware update, it may also be worth submitting a feature request to Apple at their iPhone Feedback Page. There’s no guarantee that Apple pays any attention to these requests, but it certainly can’t hurt to submit your feedback.

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