Hard cases for iPhone


Q: First I just wanted to say what a great site for anything and everything iPod and iPhone. I have a quick case question for you: I am in the military and work on F-15’s and I need to have my phone on me for emergencies. One day I had to intercept (no kidding) a nose tire from the intakes of a neaby running F-15. Unfortunately, the nose tire smacked the pocket in my uniform’s lower leg and smashed the glass into pieces on my iPhone. Are there any FULL 360-degree hard cases that can prevent this from happening again? A thin film protector that prevents scratches just isn’t going to do it. Any help you guys could give would be great, thanks.

– Robert

A: At this point the only real practical iPhone-specific options are the Artwizz SeeJacket Crystal (iLounge rating: A-) and Case-Mate Naked Case Version 2 (iLounge rating: B+). Both of these cases provide a full hard plastic shell for the iPhone, covering the screen completely in hard plastic that, quite surprisingly, also passes control through to the touch screen while offering a reasonable level of protection.

Unfortunately, being plastic these will likely not withstand heavy concussive forces, but are definitely a better option than the iPhone’s glass alone.

Another option you may want to consider is the Metallo Design Gilty Couture Chromium Case (iLounge rating: B), which claims to be teh hardest case on the planet. While this does not provide any screen protection, it would likely do a better job of absorbing an impact on other parts of the iPhone.


Jesse Hollington

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