Hiding built-in apps on iPod touch

Q: I recently brought an iPod touch and was wondering if the apps that came with the iPod can be deleted through syncing new apps to the iPod. Also my iPod is 8G and that option isn’t in your ‘Select your model’ listing.

– Emma

A: The short answer is no. You’re pretty much stuck with the built-in apps unless you want to hack/jailbreak your iPod touch to get at the underlying operating system. However, since iOS 4 now allows you to organize your apps into folders, most users simply take those apps they don’t use and dump them into a single folder to keep them out of the way. Some of the built-in apps like YouTube can also be hidden using the Restrictions option found under the General section in the Settings app.

Note that the “8G” that you mention refers to the capacity or size of your iPod touch, which would actually be “8 GB” for 8 Gigabytes. The “G” designation normally refers to the generation of the iPod touch, and at this point there have been four generations, all of which except the third were sold in 8 GB capacities—the 8 GB iPod touch sold alongside the 2009 third-generation (3G) models was actually still the 2008 second-generation (2G) model, which Apple simply continued selling.

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