Hiding Purchased iBooks

Q: I want to delete a few books from the Purchased section in iBooks. I do not want them at all even to bring back up for later. How can I do this?

– Anonymous

Hiding Purchased iBooks

A: While there is no way to permanently remove a purchase iBook from your iTunes Store account, it is possible to hide a previously purchased item so that it does not appear in your purchase history—in either iBooks or iTunes.

Unfortunately, the iBooks app doesn’t provide any way to do this directly from your iOS device; deleting a book from the Purchased Books collection will simply remove the local copy from your device, leaving the original in-place with an iCloud icon next to it.

To hide a purchased book entirely, you need to resort to accessing the iTunes Store via the iTunes app on your Mac or PC. From the iTunes Store “Quick Links” menu, click on the “Purchased” option to bring up a list of your previously purchased content, and then select the “Books” heading.

From here, simply hover over the individual book(s) that you would like to hide and click on the small “X” that appears to the top left of the cover image.


Hiding Purchased iBooks

While these purchases will remain tied to your account, once hidden they will not appear in your purchase history in iTunes or your iBookstore purchase history within the iBooks app. To find any items you’ve hidden, you will need to go to your iTunes Store Account Information screen and choose the View Hidden Purchases option.